The University of Alabama


In the Spring of 2012 we were given an assignment in out Printing II class to create a miniature book. This is the book I designed, letterpress printing, and hand-bound. It measures 3 by 2 inches. Strangers 

This book was inspired by a trip I took to New York City. While waiting for a train home, I observed a man and woman with a stroller. Their interaction was morally shocking, and as a viewer I felt confusion and guilt for watching. The format of a small book allowed me to express this deeply troubling event.


This book was also created in the Spring of 2012 as a part of Letterpress II at UA.


This book was designed in an organic way where I first collected words and images while going about my routine and traveling home. The word, “Traverse” and its definitions emerged as a way to describe not only physically moving through the world, but also a mental and emotional state of mind.

The Flying

This edition of books were created in the Fall of 2012.


The content of this book was inspired by the process of flying, and the adventures that occur even before arriving to a destination. I collected experiences and fictional stories in a time sequence throughout the book. Imagery corresponds to the text as illustrative and atmospheric effects.

Leather Binding

Since the fall semester, our bookbinding class has been working hard on rebinding books, pairing leather, and our most recent feat, covering in leather! It has been a long road, and we are almost done with our first full leather book in goat!


Over the past few weeks I have been designing and letterpress printing a poster for LUNAFEST, a women’s film festival at The University of Alabama. The title is printed with an amazing display font I found in the typeshop, the images are a variety of techniques: Sandragraph for the lines, linoleum for the dancer and moon, and photopolymer for the border.


This is a miniature book that I created for our Print II class at Alabama. In order to qualify as a miniature book, the dimensions cannot exceed 3 inches in any direction. The book is about an event I witness while waiting for a train in New York City. I was distraught by the event because I wanted so badly to say something to the stranger who was demeaning to another stranger. In the train station, I saw signs that said “If you see something, say something,” and this phrase replayed in my mind when I though about the situation I had seen. I questioned the morality of my actions, and the idea of consciousness, or awareness that an event has occurred.

Hello world,

Here is one of my books that I made at Alabama. It was my final project for my Drawing Seminar class. This is my first post for my blog, and I left the title “Hello world!” because that is the text on the last page of the book. It is also a greeting to anyone reading my blog. More photos and books to come soon.


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